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Maestro Mini Amp Review | Gibson

Price paid: $ 15 Purchased from: Online Dealer Features: The Maestro by Gibson Mini Amp is a 4 watt solid state amp that originally is included with some Maestro by Gibson guitar models. The model I am reviewing was bought out of a new packaged guitar when it was opened. They seem to go for [...]

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Septor 727 Pro Review | Agile |

Reviewed by: Disturbed_EMG, on march 15, 2011 0 of 0 people found this review helpful Price paid: $ 800 Purchased from: Rondo Music Features: This guitar is a South Korean made 27″ scale, superstrat shape 7 string guitar. I’m unsure of what year it was made, but I bought it late last year I believe, [...]

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Agile 2000 Review / This is my main Player!

The guitar is made with quality materials, and craftsman ship. Though its a Les Paul Copy it can beat any Epiphone like it were a red-headed step child. Features: 9 Sound: 10 Action: 8.5 Reliability: 10 Impression: 10 erall rating: 9.5 Users rating: 7.1 Comments: 60 pictures (3) user comments vote for this guitar: overall: [...]

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