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Hands Of Steel Tips

Hands Of Steel Tips Hello all. While working on the third installment in this series, I decided to divert from my original plan and write a mini lesson containing extra tips. Some of these appeared in the first two lessons, but refreshers never hurt. The guitar can be a very frustrating instrument to learn, and [...]

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Practice / Starting out on Guitar!

The questions I always hear asked by beginner guitarists is “What should I practice?” and “How should I practice?” These two questions are always met with similar responses like “It depends on you as a player” or “It depends on what level your at” or “practice all the things you need to practice” etc. These [...]

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Beginner Practice Motivation Tips

The problem I faced when I was first starter playing guitar was the sheer amount of material I had to cover. I mean, there were chords, bar chords, melody, rhythm, theory, double stops, arpeggios, finger style etc. I felt totally overwhelmed any time I went to practice and when I did start to practice I [...]

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