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Dave Grohl Vs Glee Round 2

Don’t expect to hear any Foo Fighters songs sung by the sugar-sweet voices of the ‘Glee’ team anytime soon. Back in March, frontman Dave Grohl spoke out against what he felt was unfair pressure for his band to allow their music to be featured on the hit Fox show, and last Wednesday he reiterated his [...]

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Van Halen: New Album Update

It’s not from an official source (although a reliable one), so it could just be speculation and rumors, but that’s all fans usually get from the Van Halen organization. The Van Halen News Desk, who often seem to take on the role as unofficial spokespeople for the band, report that VH completed mixing their new [...]

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Green Day: Billy Joe Kicked Off Southwest Airlines Flight

Reuters reports Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has complained that he was booted from a Southwest Airlines flight in Oakland, California, because of the way he wore his pants. Armstrong, 39, posted to Twitter on Thursday, “Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What the f**k? No joke!” UG [...]

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